Nekuia has been actively involved in traditional Western occultism for over 30 years, and has worked extensively with practitioners in the US and UK. The Esoteric Series was written for Western esoteric culture as a whole, as the discipline and way of life they pursue has endured great suppression and interference.

Because public life tends to be antithetical to an esoteric life, the author has left no visible footprints in society. Because esoteric life is meaningless to people within a society, none of the author’s titles or accomplishments in that realm will mean anything to a casual observer. Therefore, anyone wishing to benefit from these books will have to judge the work on its own merits.

The Esoteric Series is comprised of two books; the first introduces the reader into the world of occultism:

Without the full meaning and context of metaphysical reality, mankind tends to experience it in a state of shock, and has very few tools with which to process it. In Underworld: Esoteric Reality, the author sketches a picture of what this esoteric world actually is from a number of different perspectives, and addresses why and how the subject is relevant to every living person.

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Acrimon, the second volume, is written primarily for students of occultism as a guide through the dark and murky cloud presented by modern occult literature. It establishes core concepts and key perceptions on the challenges that practitioners have dealt with in the past and present, and provides the tools they need to avoid common problems, and tune their practice for best results.

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