Exalted Seracthon

This game is being developed on the Unity 3D engine for the PC platform. It is an adventure game that runs in 3rd & 1st person perspectives, and is set in a Sci-fi / horror atmosphere. However, it is not purely Sci-fi / horror in the way people expect to see these genres, and will take the main character into some strange situations.

You can expect to encounter space, and travel to other worlds. You will be able to customize your own unique character, acquire followers, gather items, and fly your own ship. However this game was designed for a different kind of gameplay than is customary – you will not be slaughtering thousands of aliens, or generally killing people and taking their stuff like the murder-hobos that star in most games.

This game in neither a hero’s journey, nor a thieves adventure. It is the mage’s path, and is portrayed in a way that has not been told before, if indeed the mage’s path can be said to ever have been properly told – and we don’t believe it has. Instead of racking up kills or gathering items for NPCs, you will be using your character’s abilities to learn how the world works, and to understand why things are the way they are. For more details on gameplay and mechanics, check out the Gameplay page.

…if indeed the mage’s path can be said to ever have been properly told..

We felt that the best way to tell the story of person walking the Path of Knowledge would be a personal one. Consequently, the game was designed as a single player game experience. However – updates, optional content, and expansions are planned for it, and the possibility of a multiplayer feature or sequel is under consideration.

The first chapter of the game has been built and undergone early testing. We know that this game will meet its technical goals, however there is a considerable stretch of work that remains to be done, and that consists of the production of art assets (content), the direction and setup of scenes, and further play testing. Although this is the ‘fun part’ of game development, it requires time and skilled hands.

An initial campaign was created on IndyGoGo to raise funds to hire artists to assist with the completion and publishing of the game, however it went live exactly as we were hit by a global pandemic, and needless to say, it didn’t get far. There are other creative contributors to this project, but in terms of development, this entire project has been built by one person.

..this entire project has been built by one person.

You will find further info and media about Exalted Seracthon on this site – if you find this game and the concepts it is based on interesting, I hope you will consider supporting its continued development when it is released as an Early Access title.

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