Dev Log 2/20/2022

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Development has been slow through the beginning of this year due to other work that has required time and resources, however testing and final details are still underway. One of the issues with end to end testing is that every change to the code requires another test run, as things that affect movement, combat, the flight model, etc are affected by various unique conditions in different scenes, which can often impact how that change needs to be implemented. This is normal development stuff, but it is actually a weak spot for a single developer scenario, because you can only be looking at one thing at a time.

Release strategy for ES will be an ongoing effort. A compelling preview video can only get so much exposure, and even getting featured on a YT gamer channel is a limited audience. Time has shown that word of mouth is actually the best type of promotion that exists for an indy game, and that largely depends on whether people like the game or not. So for this reason, I’m focusing more on creating a quality game experience than I am on generating a temporary bubble of popularity.

In terms of time frame, my soft target for release has moved out to April/May. Things will take as long as they need to, so I won’t be locking down any dates until a solid release candidate is ready to go.

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