Dev Log 8/24/2021

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I am currently completing the last set of missions which will finalize the first part of Exalted Seracthon. There were some issues with warp travel that had to be sorted out, and consisted mainly of scene transition timing. Work was done to further develop the navigation systems on two of the ships, to smooth out the travel experience.

Once these elements are in place, the next few months will consist of the final rounds of player testing, voice acting, sound, music, and visual polish. I expect that Part 1 will release in the spring of 2022, assuming the western world hasn’t descended into chaos. I will be negotiating with GOG and possibly Steam, as these are the most widely available host platform(s) for PC games at this time.

Salvaging within a hazard zone.

I have not (and will not) feature any images or video of this game’s High Strangeness (the horror aspect) in these deve logs because I would prefer this aspect to be a surprise. However, even if these elements were not part of ES, it would be quite a fun game. Test scenarios in space have been what I had hoped to experience in Star Citizen, which ironically was one of the reasons this project was started in the first place. Suffice to say, it doesn’t require 100 million dollars to make an enjoyable space game.

The second part of ES will release later in 2022 or the next year, though I don’t want to lock that in place right now. When both parts are published, the option to purchase the entire game in one package will be available, so this is technically a type of Early Access release – the difference being that I’m not launching a ‘game framework’ and then building as I go. These will be finished products, with part 1 ending at a moment of suspense.

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