Month: June 2021

Dev Log 6/13/2021

[Click the title of these Dev Log titles to see the full version with images]  May was rather heavy for non-dev work, and because of that there has been no huge changes since the Apr 20 log in terms of what is being done. Chapters 3 an 4 continue – playtesting did reveal some things which had not been detected before, and eventually led to some improvements to collision handling, the flight model itself, and ship controls. Ships can now be exchanged for other vessels as they become available to the player. This version of the game will not likely have a modification system for adding and removing things on your ship, however if there is time to add this before release, I will set it up with the intention of adding more via DLC if it is a desired feature. As it is now, each ship has its own feature emphasis based on its intended purpose, so players will be able to select the one that suits their playstyle and preferences. For example, a built-in auto-lander may be more desirable to some than an immersive navigation room.

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