Month: April 2021

Dev Log 4/20/2021

[Click the title of these Dev Log titles to see the full version with images]  Took a couple of weeks off to attend to local work, and now back at the helm. Work continues on Chapters 3 and 4, with plenty of debugging for a playtest build. Unity has an interesting bug where compilation is cached but not completely saved. This means that when the libraries are rebuilt, changes to code revert backwards, and a build is not the same as what is seen in the editor. I have not found a report of this bug, but finding these reports and voting them up can be quite a task. I’ve just been trying to work around it, but it does result in some lost cycles. I believe this is caused by an intended or unintended lack of process for tools like VS Code (which I use), which would otherwise not be noticed by users of VS Studio. When this round of playtesting is complete, I will make another update with a look at some of the new content.

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