Dev Log 1/9/2021

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Happy belated New Years. We have survived to 2021, the year in which the story of Mad Max began, in the 80s film of the same name. Work continues full speed at the Studio. Currently, a quality and testing pass in underway, during which all content, features, and functionality will be validated and locked in before moving into the next stage. Ships, flight and landings, environments, character models, dialog and missions are the main focus, as these things are consistent throughout the gameplay.

I’ve uploaded one of the upcoming videos to illustrate some of the test procedures – in this case, an environmental test [click to view]

Ships and ground sites are also getting a run-through to ensure everything works properly. A game shouldn’t get its ‘polish’ until near the end, but to avoid creating downstream problems that require a lot of regressive changes and testing, there are many things that must be brought to near completion earlier on.

One of the new player ships on a test flight.

That’s all for now. More videos will be posted soon.

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