Month: August 2020

Dev Log 8/22/2020

[Click the title of these Dev Logs to see the full version with images] August has been consumed primarily with content creation and testing. The last parts of Chapter 2 have been developed and tested, and I will be making a playable build today for others (besides me) to test. Getting a game to the point that it must be player tested is a longer step than it should be, but the consequence of that (hopefully) is very few bugs for players to find. I lost a few days testing more recent versions of Unity, with the hopes of being able to implement HDRP (high definition rendering pipeline), but as of 2019.4.x, it is still not optimized or flexible enough for a game like this one. I’m sure its fine for a game that takes place in a house on a street somewhere, or even for a team making short films, but it does not hold up in a space environment. Some additional in-game features were created for situations that will arise again later, and these types of things take a bit of time to test, but other than that, the only real challenge at this point will be getting voice actors. With real dialog, the game could be played and tested publicly, so I will be grappling with that after the first round of player (technical) tests are done. There is still no solid decision yet as to whether the game will launch as an early access, or just publish demo footage, and continue to advertise it as it gets finished.

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